“Housing is absolutely essential to human flourishing. Without stable shelter, it all falls apart.”

Matthew Desmond

Families in rural Rwanda (like the families we have relationships with) live in houses that are basic and fragile. The homes are made from mud bricks, many have dirt floors, no ceilings, and are perched on steep hillsides. Most homes have no window screens to prevent mosquitos from entering the home, there is no running water to the homes, there are no kitchens so cooking, and other household duties are done outside. There are no clothes washing machines and no bathrooms with toilets, tubs or showers. Sources of water could be miles away.  Electricity is sporadic and many homes are not wired.

During the long rainy season from March to May when the rain is heavy and persistent, and the shorter rainy season from October to November, the homes are prone to erosion.

As part of our mission, Rwanda-one4one has funded projects to make homes safe and more habitable, including:

  • Covering dirt floors with cement
  • Installing ceilings in the rooms helping to keep out the cold, damp air
  • Protecting exterior perimeter walls with cement to prevent erosion
  • Installing water lines to the outside of the home for cooking, drinking and washing.

Currently, three of the families we work with need help with their homes. One family’s house has an ongoing land erosion problem and structural damage to a supporting wall. Two others are trying to build basic mud brick homes, but progress is slow due to lack of funds.

With your generosity we’ll be able to make a difference repairing or helping to construct these simple homes.

Your donation of $100 will buy cement, nails and wood, enough to fix a crack in a wall. $250 will help pay labor and material cost to secure land from erosion. We appreciate your donation in any amount.