A commitment of Rwanda-one4one since it began in 2013 has been to help transition families from joblessness and poverty to meaningful work that provides fair wages.

We have proudly established two humble but successful microbusinesses in rural Rwanda that offer a pathway to economic self-sufficiency.  Both small enterprises have ripple effects on the families, improve their quality of life and help them achieve their dreams:

  • Umva, the natural dye project, started in 2015, and
  • The Taxi project, launched in 2017.


The Umva project provides work for local women, who we’ve trained to gather indigenous plants from the Rwandan hillsides for naturally dyeing textiles. Umva dyers take immense pride in the craft of natural dyeing and applying it to cloth by hand. Umva is a blossoming opportunity for the families for which they are nurturing its success. The finished pieces (gorgeous scarves and wraps) are one-of-a-kind and speak to the determination of the women to earn an income, so they can feed and care for their families.

The Taxi project

To provide employment for one family and to fill the need for a car-for-hire by locals and tourists, in 2017 we purchased an older model, pre-owned sedan that became the foundation of a new business: Muhabura Taxi Services.  In 2018, we sold the first car and combined it with raised funds to purchase a newer model sedan. It has been painted, insured and meets all requirements for a taxi business. Muhabura Taxi Services continues to be successful and the family appreciates the chance to earn an income and move toward a more stable life, and away from poverty.

Both businesses have an impact on the local economy and thus the wider community. Umva might hire local women as water fetchers or tailors. The Taxi project engages local mechanics to repair the vehicle and keep it in good running order.  In addition, when Rwanda-one4one helps families make repairs to their homes, local masons are employed.

Your donation of $25 will buy a new dye pot for the women dyers of Umva. $100 will purchase raw fabrics for dyeing Umva products. $300 will pay for a driver’s license to allow one adult to find employment as a taxi driver. We appreciate your donation in any amount.